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What We Do at The Academy

Your student will have a wide variety of courses that they can sign up for ranging from Music theory to music production to audio engineering on all levels. These course will include:

*Music Theory

*Piano Lesson

*Vocal Empowerment

*Batter and Melodic Percussion Instruction

*Woodwind Instrument Lessons/Empowerment (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, tenor Saxophone Etc.)

*Brass Instrument Lessons/Empowerment (Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Sousaphone/Tuba)

*Audio Engineering 101

*Advanced Audio Engineering Techniques

*Recording Studio Performance Etiquette

*Recording Studio Performance Approach Development


Your student will receive instruction from some of the Music Industry’s most talented and accomplished musicians, vocalists, and audio engineers. The Academy at The Kemistry Lab is dedicated to protecting our youth from the streets and putting the keys to their musical careers and success in their hands. We are expecting to begin the after school program in the Fall of 2021 however, we’d love for you to get involved now. The Academy at the Kemistry Lab is now accepting donations to help meet the needs of The Academy. Your generous donations will assist in completing items that include building our Classrooms, purchasing instruments and equipment for our students, completing our staff, and starting The Academy at the Kemistry Lab Scholarship Fund, that will be awarded to students that embrace the program and participate at an exceptional level. There is no donation that is too small or great that we won’t accept. Thank you in Advance for Partnering with The Academy at the Kemistry Lab to Elevate the Minds of our young musical minds.  

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